Economics and Management

  • Fakulta: Ekonomická
  • Typ studia: doktorský
  • Doba studia: 4 roky
  • Jazyk výuky: čeština
  • Forma studia: prezenční
  • Kód programu: P0413A0500AN

Popis programu

The doctoral degree programme prepares students for a wide spectrum of economic activities and enables students to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for independently solving research problems in the field of economics and management using critical thinking and methods of scientific work with regard to the ethical and related contexts. Those pursuing the programme learn to analyse, evaluate, and design systems related to the management and economics of companies and institutions. The programme also implements current theoretical knowledge in the field and takes into account trends affecting the environment of companies such as Industry 4.0., process management, digitisation, innovative business, globalisation, etc.

Informace o studiu

Publication and presentation of partial results of research performed by students is a mandatory part of the programme. Presentations at scientific conferences abroad and teaching both at the faculty and abroad are also activities that are especially supported. In addition, you will be able to pursue courses such as Quantitative Methods in Economy, Management Theory, Accountancy, or Marketing. For more information visit

Profil absolventa

Naučíte se:
  • Graduates will acquire detailed knowledge of the field of economics, management, quantitative and qualitative methods, methodology of scientific work, and other fields in connection with their dissertation topics such as financial management, marketing, trade, stochastic models, regional development management, and information systems. Graduate destinations include:.
Uplatníte se například jako:
  • academic or research staff positions,
  • managerial positions at the highest level of private enterprises and public organisations.

Přijímací řízení

Application deadline: 31 May 2021 Admission interview date: 24 June 2021Administration fee: CZK 500Applications must be submitted in writing as well as online.
Application requirements
1)an outline of the topic of your proposed dissertation (chosen from the list available on the website of the Department of Science and Research of the faculty),2)an original of a master?s degree diploma (or an officially certified copy) or a diploma supplement and an original (or an officially certified copy) of the diploma,3)a structured curriculum vitae (1 page),4)a survey of existing scientific activities and references of publications using the normal APA 6, 5)a document proving the payment of the fee for the admission procedure. Note: Applicants currently finishing their bachelor?s degree studies must provide the diploma by the day of registration at the latest
Admission interview Applicants will be informed about the date of the
Admission interview along with other information concerning the interview and a confirmation of acceptance of the application. The purpose of the
Admission interview is to evaluate your predisposition for scientific work, in particular, your knowledge of general and current issues of the scientific field, knowledge of the methodology of the scientific field, an understanding of the state of knowledge in the narrow range of problems of your chosen outline topic for your dissertation, and your knowledge of professional English.For more information on admission and requirements visit

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