Research program title: Microeconomic and macroeconomic aspects of social and economic development

Main areas of the department scientific and research work:

  • (1) Measurement of productivity
  • (2) Economics of transport and transport services
  • (3) Microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis with focus on the labor market,  small and medium-sized enterprises and municipal enterprises.

JEL Classification:

  • D24, E24, M21, O18 

Research Projects:

NAZV QI 92A023 (2009-2012) Rural area - area for active life – model strategies for development of rural area life (doc. Ing. Ivana Faltová Leitmanová, CSc.)
GAJU 79/2013/S (2013-2015) Models of SMEs (doc. Ing. Ladislav Rolínek, Ph.D.; members of deparment were co-workers)
GAČR 402/06/0903 (2006-2008) Economic growth of regions (with a focus on South Bohemia region) (doc. Ing. Ivana Faltová Leitmanová, CSc.)