Science and Research Activities 2018


The Faculty of Economics started with solving two new international projects. The project Environmental Citizenships: Visions of Future and Their Acceptance Among Students is supported by The European Cooperation in Science and Technology. The main aim and objective of the program are to enable scientific developments in the field of Environmental Citizenship leading to new conceptualizations and new products and thereby contributing to strengthening European research and innovation capacities in the field. The POWER4BIO project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 818351. New 2,5 year H2020 international project started in October 2018. The Czech part of the project was focused on research and promotion of bioeconomy in the South Bohemia Region.

The Faculty of Economics acquired the project Exchange rate prevention system supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. The result of applied research of the TAČR project is currently heading for the realization in the pilot version. It is available at It is an application that helps the user to estimate a possible exchange rate loss on his/her claim or debt. Starting in March 2020, this application is going to be available in full version on the portal, which will ensure the access of a professional public to the results of applied research of the Faculty of Economics. Whereas researchers in the Czech Republic and abroad do not know a similar freely available application, this applied research has a prospective economic impact on society, especially in today's turbulent times (Brexit, US / China / EU trade wars).

International Projects - ongoing

National Projects - ongoing


The Faculty of Economics organizes or co-organizes a number of scientific conferences/events/workshops according to the research program. Topics closely connect with economics, company management and socio-economic factors of regional development. Conferences may broaden network of our scientists and help them to make themself and their research visible to a broad audience. 

At the Faculty of Economics was held the 12th International Scientific Conference INPROFORUM. The topic for this year was "Innovations, Enterprises, Regions and Management". The conference invited about 80 participants. The next important conference co-organized by the Faculty of Economics was Our common present 2018The eighth year of the conference subtitled Digital technology in environmental context was held in Hradec Králové. The keynote speaker was Manfred Spitzer.