Science and Research Activities 2016


The Faculty of Economics started to cooperate on the interesting international project  Environmental Awareness as a universal European Value supported by the Visegrad Fund, in the form of the Small Grant Project. The grantee was Technical faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade. The aim of this project was reflected in continuation of cooperation between the V4 countries and Serbia in terms of the concept of sustainability and environmental protection.

The year 2019 was successful for our faculty in the national grant field too. The Faculty of economics started to cooperate on the project Spatial geometrical statistics of random sets in Euclidean spaces supported by The Czech Science Foundation (GAČR). The project was directed to basic mathematical research in this field which aims to solve topical problems of high complexity and hardness. The main research institut was Charles University in Prague.

International Projects - ongoing

National Projects - ongoing


The Faculty of Economics organizes or co-organizes a number of scientific conferences/events/workshops according to the research program. Topics closely connect with economics, company management and socio-economic factors of regional development. Conferences may broaden network of our scientists and help them to make themself and their research visible to a broad audience.

At the Faculty of Economics was held the 10th International Scientific Conference INPROFORUM. The topic for this year was "Threatened Europe? Socio-Economic and Environmental Changes". The conference invited almost 100 participants. Aims of the conference were to respond to the situation in Europe and instigate scholarly discourse which presents the current changes in this new context.

The 6th annual of the Our common present conference subtitled Great expectations, projects and mistakes – efforts to understand and control nature in the past and the present was held at Charles University in Prague. The conference focused on successful and unsuccessful human interventions into nature, including its historical, present and future aspects. Our faculty was partner of this project.

The 2nd annual of the Budweiser Economic Days conference was dedicated to the topics of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Agriculture. Social Entrepreneurship is one of the possible ways how to apply the social dimension of sustainable development and how to build the economy for society. Conference invited a number of practitioners.