Science and Research Activities 2015


The Faculty of Economics continues in the project Land and Art as social movement and example of cultural sustainabilityThe project was supported by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education.

International Projects - ongoing



The Faculty of Economics organizes or co-organizes a number of scientific conferences/events/workshops according to the research program. Topics closely connect with economics, company management and socio-economic factors of regional development. Conferences may broaden network of our scientists and help them to make themself and their research visible to a broad audience.

The 5th annual of Our Common Present interdisciplinary conference subtitled Different Cultures, One Nature was be held at University Hradec Králové. The conference was co-organized by our faculty and Environment Center Charles University in Prague. The 9th annual of the INPROFORUM International Conference was held by our faculty.  It was focused on the research achievements in the fields of Innovations, Enterprises, Regions and Organizations. The conference offered the opportunity to discuss relevant topics among academic and practicing economists. The main theme for this year was Common challenges - Different solutions - Mutual dialogue.