Department of Finance and Accounting Research Program

Research program title: Economic impacts of changes and policies in the fields of finance, accounting and taxation

Main areas of the department scientific and research work:

  • (1) Corporate finance, accounting and auditing
  • (2) Financial system, public finance and tax system


JEL Classification:

  • G3, G21, G23, G24, G1


Research projects:

GA JU 029/2011/S (2014-2016) Economic impacts of legislative changes and policies in the fields of finance, accounting and taxation (doc. Kouřilová)
GA JU 029/2011/S (2011-2013) Institutional approaches to regional development (doc. Jílek)
NAZV QI 92A023 (2009-2012) Rural area - area for active life – model strategies for development of rural area life (doc. Faltová Leitmanová)
NAZV QH 82162 (2008-2012) The possibilities of farmland ownership defragmentation (prof. Střeleček)
GAČR 402/06/0903 (2006-2008) Economic growth of regions (with a focus on South Bohemia region) (doc. Faltová Leitmanová)
MSM-6007665806 (2005-2011) Sustainable methods of agricultural management in montane and submontane areas with respect to harmonization of the production and nonproduction spheres. (co-worker Prof. Střeleček) and The Analysis of Fiscal Situation of Region. Part of the research project MSM 6007665806 (co-worker doc. Jílek)
NAZV QG60042 (2006-2009) Harmonization of instruments of Common Agriculture Policy with specific conditions of czech agriculture, leading to the increase in competitiveness and sustainable development. (prof. Střeleček)
MZE/QC, project QC1037 (2001-2004) Efficiency of exploitation in programmes EU in Czech republic. (prof. Střeleček)
MZE QD0176 (2000-2004) Intensification and efficient management in dairy cattle herd with respect to a future membership in The European Union (Prof. Střeleček).
MSM-122200001 (1999-2004) Economic and agricultural production structure of marginal areas in respect to their development (Prof. Střeleček)