Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics Research Program

Research program title: Mathematical-statistic modelling and optimization in practice

Main areas of the department scientific and research work:

  • (1) Mathematical and statistical modelling and optimisation
  • (2) Mathematical and statistical methods in management, regional policy, marketing and academic disciplines
  • (3) Research of modern information systems from the security and communication points of view


JEL Classification:

  • C000, C010, C020, C190, C60, C610, C63, C900
  • R100, R110, R580
  • L86


Research Projects:

GAČR 16-03708S (2016-2018) Spatial geometrical statistics of random sets in Euclidean spaces (co-worker doc. Tomáš Mrkvička)
GAČR P201/11/1558 (2011-2014) Random walks and random fields in models of statistical mechanics (doc. Marek Biskup)
GAČR P201/11/P164 (2011-2014) Martingale approximations and U-statistics (RNDr. Jana Klicnarová)
GAČR P201/10/0472 (2010-2014) Stochastic geometry - inhomogeneity, marking, dynamics and stereology (co-worker doc. Tomáš Mrkvička)
MŠMT Aktion 63p22 (2012) Testing and modelling of cancer (doc. Tomáš Mrkvička)