4th International Week

Monday 28 November 2016 Whole day


Friday 2 December 2016 Whole day

Motto: “25 jubilee of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice”

MONDAY – November 28


17,00 – Orientation walk in České Budějovice from Hotel Budweis (meeting point: Hotel Reception)

18,00 – Christmas Market


TUESDAY – November 29

9,00 – Workshop: ice-breaking activities, presentation of the University of South Bohemia and its faculties, networking - Rectorate, Conference Room on 3rd floor (3.003)

11,00 – Campus tour

Lunch in the university canteen

13,30 – Visit to the university facilities (Faculty of Science, F. of Agriculture – brewery)

13,15 from the Rectorate

13,30 -16,00 Faculty of Science –fruit flies, mole-rats and HW & drone laboratories (in 3 groups)

17,15 from the Rectorate

17,30 – Visit to the Faculty of Agriculture and its micro-brewery (in 2 groups)

18,30 – 21,00 Welcome Banket - meeting representatives of the university (reception of the Faculty of Agriculture in the university brewery)


WEDNESDAY – November 30

9,00 – Presentations of the participating universities for vice-deans of USB (RO-University Dunarea de Jos of Galati, TR-Erciyes University, GR-TEI of Athens, SK-Slovak Technical University, FR-Université de Rennes1, PL-Rzeszow University of Technology, TR- Akdeniz University Dumlupinar in Antalya, PL-Poznan University of Economics and Business, PL-University of Economics in Katowice, SK-The College of Regional Development in Trencin, LV-Aleksandras Stulginskis University) - Rectorate, Conference Room on 3rd floor (3.003)

Lunch in the university canteen

13,30  - Visit to the Academic Library

14,00 – Visit to the new building of the International Student Club of USB, presentation of the student activities, personal meetings

19,40 from Budweis hotel

20,00 – Concert of the university South Bohemian Orchestra at the Faculty of Education (in the centre of the town – see address below). 


THURSDAY – December 1

9,00 – Presentations of the participating universities for vice-deans of USB (PL-University of Warsaw, HR-University of Osijek, GR-University of Ioannina, PT-University NOVA de Lisboa, PL- Cardinal Stefan Wyszyňski University in Warsaw, EE-University of Tartu, SF- Novia University of Applied Sciences, UK-University of Surrey, PL- Jagiellonian University, DE-University of Rosenheim, PL- University of Applied Sciences in Nysa) - Rectorate, Conference Room on 3rd floor (3.003).

Lunch in the university canteen

13,30 – 18,00 Tour to UNESCO city of Český Krumlov  (bus trip – departure from the Faculty of Economics). Visit to the castle tower and historical town, leisure.



FRIDAY – December 2

9,00 – Workshops “University social media and information systems” and “Internationalization” and feedback from the staff-week - Rectorate, Conference Room on 3rd floor (3.003)

Lunch in the university canteen

13,30 – Visit to Budvar Brewery (departure from the Rectorate by the local transport - you need two  tickets for 16 CZK for the trip there and back)

14,30 – 1st group

14,40 – 2nd group



Workshops: Rectorate, room No. 3003 on November 29, 30 and December 1, 2

Lunches: Canteen, November 29 – December 2 at 12,00 – 13,00  o´clock (marked room)

Departure for the bus trip: Faculty of Economics, Studentská 13



Rectorate: Branišovská 31a, České Budějovice (http://www.jcu.cz/kontakt)

Academic Library: Branišovská 31b, České Budějovice (http://www.lib.jcu.cz/kontakt)

Hotel Budweis: Mlýnská 6, České Budějovice (www.hotelbudweis.cz)

Faculty of Education: U Tří lvů 1a/Dukelská 9, České Budějovice (http://www.pf.jcu.cz/about/map/)

Faculty of Economics: Studentská 13, České Budějovice (http://www.ef.jcu.cz/kontakt)

International Office – contacts:

Mgr. Eva Fichtnerová, tel.: +420 730 161 411, e-mail: fichtnerova@jcu.cz

Mgr. Věra Filipová, tel.: +420 730 161 422, e-mail: filipovav@jcu.cz

Ing. Jozef Dzurek, tel.: +421 910 335 379, jozefdzurek@gmail.com




Changes in the programme are still possible. 

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