Global Erasmus Run South Bohemia

Saturday 17 December 2016 Whole day


Sunday 18 December 2016 Whole day

Run wherever you are from the 17th December 00.00 until the 18th of December 23.59 (UTC/GMT +1 hours), the adjusted 10 kilometers. Run with your running app or GPS watch and join the Global Erasmus Run!

A Global Race made possible by Runator, an application that records and syncs your runs and shows your stands on one platform. Join the Erasmus Challenge, run with fellow students from all over the world.

You will need your mobile phone or GPS watch. Download a running app eg. Nike+ or Runkeeper and sign up for the race on this website. Download Runator on your mobile phone and sync your running app. Log in on the race date and you are ready to run!

The runners who finish the 10 kilometers will receive a Virtual Global Erasmus Run Certificate. There will also be given a prize to the runner that has posted a photo with their Bib Number on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This post must contain the hastagg #GlobalErasmusRun. The runner that finished the race and has the most shared photo on social media will win the prize! The prize is the Apple Watch Series 2!

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