Youth exchange "Lunch with Media"

Five students from the University of South Bohemia, the Faculty of Economics, participated in youth exchange “Lunch with Media” on 13-20th of August 2016. The idea behind the exchange was to unite leaders of youth organisations who seek to improve the quality of youth project dissemination deepening the knowledge of successful solutions related to dissemination of youth initiatives in the mass media as well as improving the competences of creativity and public event organisation.

During the period of the exchange, thirty young people representing the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy and Lithuania met experts of creativity in order to foster ideas on how to engage youth in active participation. Participants had an active learning session with the well known public relations agency Integrity for practicing their competencies to prepare creative media messages, learning how to make an creative (catchy) heading.

The exchange programme created favourable conditions for young people’s to better learn about each other, for their understanding of attitudes of people from different countries by preparing TV reports based on a comtemporary topic – youth consumerism.

During the exchange, the group initiated awareness raising actions for citizens of Vilnius. They were encouraged to reduce their consumerism by challenging themselves. Passers-by on the streets of Vilnius received the symbol of the event, an ecological apple, marked with little daily “tasks”, for example, calling a long-lost friend, smiling to a stranger or complimenting one's neighbour.

A special flash mob was created and presented in The Old Town of Vilnius. The programme of the event was filmed and made public on the Internet to disseminate the idea of the project.