Process Management

Zkratka předmětu KŘE/OPMAN
Název předmětu Process Management
Akademický rok 2019/2020
Pracoviště / Zkratka KŘE/OPMAN
Název Process Management
Akreditováno/Kredity Ano/5
Rozsah hodin Přednáška 2 HOD/TYD Cvičení 1 HOD/TYD
Vyučovací jazyk angličtina
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Způsob zakončení Zkouška
Forma zakončení Kombinovaná
Zápočet před zkouškou Ano
Vyučovaný semestr ZimníLetní
Cíle předmětu (anotace)

The aim of the course is to acquire basic approaches and methods of process management with an emphasis on systemic thinking, negotiation and creative leadership of co-workers. The course deepens and extends the theoretical knowledge and experience in the field of new business management approaches such as business process management, business modelling, value management, competence modelling, quality management, etc. The course also includes practical application of business process management methods.

Požadavky na studenta

The condition for granting credit is submission and approval of a seminar work, attendance (max. 2 absences) and successfully passed credit text (min. 70%).
Credits will be awarded not earlier than 14 days before the end of the semester in accordance with the measure of Dean No. 124/2017 Article 15.

The exam is oral. It evaluates the correctness of responses to the drawn topic. Topics are available in Moodle.
The examinations will be written 3 weeks before the beginning of the examination period in accordance with the measure of Dean No. 124/2017 Article 15.


Lecture topics:
1. Introduction to Process management
2. Concepts of Managerial Thinking
3. Strategy, strategic goals. BSC
4. Business model and value management
5. Principles of process management
6. Methods of mapping and management of procces
7. Process modeling in ARIS
8. Implementation project and change management
9. Competence, teamwork and motivation
10. Leadership
11. Process simulation
12. Information systems and business process management
13. Business process management in company practice.
14. Expert lecture.

1. Introduction to the case study, creation of teams
2. Characteristics of programs focused on business process management (ATTIS, ARIS, Visio, Bizagi
modeler), case study in Visio, organizational structure, value chain
3. Case study in Visio, responsibility assignment matrix (RAM), process map
4. Case study in Visio KPI, EPC
5. Case study in ATTIS
6. Presentation, test

Předpoklady - další informace k podmíněnosti studia předmětu

The course of Management is a prerequisite for the course of Process management.

Získané způsobilosti

Students understand the principles of process management and its application in companies.

Garanti a vyučující
  • Garanti: doc. Ing. Ladislav Rolínek, Ph.D.
  • Přednášející: doc. Ing. Ladislav Rolínek, Ph.D., Ing. Jaroslav Vrchota, Ph.D.
  • Cvičící: doc. Ing. Ladislav Rolínek, Ph.D., Ing. Jaroslav Vrchota, Ph.D.
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Vyučovací metody

Monologická (výklad, přednáška, instruktáž), Dialogická (diskuze, rozhovor, brainstorming)

Hodnotící metody

Ústní zkouška, Seminární práce

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