Code Name WS SS
B1 Bachelor´s Diploma Thesis 1
BP1 Bachelor´s Diploma Thesis 1
B2 Bachelor´s Diploma Thesis 2
BP2 Bachelor´s Diploma Thesis 2
KETP Business Ethics
CETP Business Ethics
ETP Business Ethics
OETP Business Ethics
KRPK Enterprise Culture Management
RPK Enterprise Culture Management
F1 Firm 1
CF1 Firm 1
RLZD Human Resource Management
BZRLZ Human Resources Management
HRM Human Resources Management
YHRM Human Resources Management
KHRM Human Resources Management
RLZN Human Resources Management
KRLZ Human Resources Management
CRLZN Human Resources Management
RLZ Human Resources Management
CSV Lean Production
KSV Lean Production
SV Lean Production
LM Logistic Management
YLOG Logistics
KLOG Logistics
CLG Logistics
KLOGA Logistics
LOG Logistics
LG Logistics
LOGAJ Logistics
QMANZ Management
MANZ Management
SZMAN Management
MAN Management
CMAN Management
SZMP Management
BZRP Management
BZM Management
BZME Management
MANZA Management (in English)
KAMAN Management (in English)
YMANZ Management (in English)
CMAN2 Management II
MAN2 Management II
QMAN2 Management II
OMAN2 Management II
DTMA Management Theory
DTMAA Management Theory
BZMME Management and Marketing
MZID Management of Change and Innovation
KRZM Management of Changes
RZM Management of Changes
BXRS Management of Services
OMK Managerial Communication
MNK Managerial Communication
MK Managerial Communication
KMK Managerial Communication
CMKO Managerial Communication
MKO Managerial Communication
KMNK Managerial Communication
MP Managerial Consulting
KMP Managerial Consulting
CMT Managerial Techniques
OMT Managerial Techniques
MT Managerial Techniques
KMT Managerial Techniques
DT Master´s Diploma Thesis
BT1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DIP1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DT1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DPN1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DP1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
BT2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
DIP2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
DPN2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
DT2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
DP2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
D2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
MOSTI Motivation and Stimulation of Work
KMSTI Motivation and Stimulation of Work
KOMA Oparations Management
OMA Oparations Management
YOM Oparations Management
COM Operational Management
OPM Operational Management
KOM Operational Management
OM Operations Management
CPC Personnel Activities
PC Personnel Activities
OPMAN Process Management
PMAN Process Management
KPMAN Process Management
CPJM Project Management
KPJM Project Management
PJM Project Management
YPM Project Management
YPR Public Relations
KRKV Quality Management
RKV Quality Management
KRVLZ Rural Development and Human Resources
RVLZ Rural Development and Human Resources
SZRP2 SFE Business Management
SZRPI SFE Business Management
SZMP2 SFE Business Management II
BZMEF SFE Management and Marketing
SZRZM SFE Management of Changes
BZPR SFL Business in Region
SZRK SFL Quality Management
BZPM SZZ Provozní management
OMSP Small and Middle Enterprises
MSP Small and Middle Enterprises
QMSP Small and Middle Enterprises
SZMPU State Final Exam Business Management
KSMOC Strat. Management in Trade and Tourism
OSMOC Strat. Management in Trade and Tourism
SMOC Strat. Management in Trade and Tourism
KSMAN Strategic Management
KSMAJ Strategic Management
YSMAN Strategic Management
SMA Strategic Management
CSM Strategic Management
SMAJ Strategic Management
SMAN Strategic Management
SM Strategic Management
QSPF Strategy and Project Planning of Firms
RDOR Supply Chain Management
YSCM Supply Chain Management
CRDOR Supply Chain Management
KRDR Supply Chain Management
KRDOR Supply Chain Management
ORDOR Supply Chain Management
PP Support for Entrepreneurship
SPF1 Term Project - Firm I
SPF2 Term Project - Firm II
SPF3 Term Project - Firm III
KRO The development of manager personality
RO The development of manager personality
TPM Theory and Practice of Management
TMD Training of Managerial Skills
DMAN Transport Management