Department of Management

The Department of Management covers a wide spectrum within the field of management; as crucial, we consider the teaching of compulsory subjects at bachelor and master levels of a guaranteed branch Management and Business Economics directed at different approaches to the management of organizations, management of human resources, logistics and operational management, project, strategic and process management. These pillars are the basis for a number of further optional subjects enabling students to extend their professional profile, e.g. in the field of management of quality, management of changes, entrepreneurial ethics, communication, development of managerial techniques and skills, systematic building of company culture, in the sphere of small and medium size business or in the motivation and stimulation of workforce.

Graduates of the branch of Management and Business Economics acquit themselves well in managerial positions in both private and public administration. The Department of Management also participates significantly in the teaching of other branches in the Faculty of Economics and in other faculties of the USB in České Budějovice. Lessons are often completed by lectures from outside experts.

The research and scientific activities of the department are especially oriented towards the management of small and medium size businesses and the searching for effective management of business processes and human resources participating in these processes. Contemporary research projects, in which the department members participate, are Models of Management of MSP (responsible professor: doc. Ing. Ladislav Rolínek, Ph.D.) and Management of Human Resources of small and medium size businesses (responsible professor: doc. Ing. Darja Holátová, Ph.D.). Another orientation of the department is the field of process management in a non-productive sphere (public administration, self-administration, social services and entrepreneurship).

The Department of Management can offer consulting, training, lectures and partnership in completing projects aimed at:

  • applying of strategic processes and project management in organizations and  regions;
  • optimalization of logistic flows and transport;
  • effective management of human resources and company culture in organizations,
  • development of managerial techniques and skills.