English for Commercial Management

Zkratka předmětu KJE/ECM
Název předmětu English for Commercial Management
Akademický rok 2019/2020
Pracoviště / Zkratka KJE/ECM
Název English for Commercial Management
Akreditováno/Kredity Ano/3
Rozsah hodin Cvičení 2 HOD/TYD
Vyučovací jazyk angličtina
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Způsob zakončení Zápočet
Forma zakončení Kombinovaná
Zápočet před zkouškou Ne
Vyučovaný semestr Zimní
Cíle předmětu (anotace)

The aim of the course is for students' to develop the necessary skills to succeed in the modern workplace. It will provide a working understanding of the English terminology, grammar and vocabulary required in order to communicate and manage successfully in a commercial business environment. To increase fluency and confidence in using the language of business English.

Požadavky na studenta

Full-time study:
Credit Requirements:
Elaboration and presentation of seminary work on given topics.
Examination Requirements:


Full-time study:

1. Introduction to the course. Identification of strengths of students in English. Short video with follow-up discussions
2. Building Relationships - Networking and Small Talk
3. Exchanging Information and Meetings
4. Managing Projects and Giving Updates
5. Negotiations
6. New Business, Start Ups
7. Cultural Know-How and Etiquette
8. Writing Reports
9. Presentations- Why Companies Fail
10. Change - The Future of Work
11. Business Ethics
12. Course feedback and credits

Předpoklady - další informace k podmíněnosti studia předmětu

B2 level of English language proficiency and a basic awareness of business practices

Získané způsobilosti

Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of the main business English terminology, vocabulary and grammar, which is necessary for successful commercial business management through oral discussions and group presentations.

Garanti a vyučující
  • Garanti: BSc. Justin Calvin Schaefer
  • Cvičící: BSc. Justin Calvin Schaefer
  • COTTON, D., FALVEY, D., KENT, S. New addition Market Leader. Harlow, Essex, England: Pearson Education Limited, 2008.
  • htpp://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/general
  • http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/business_english.html
  • http://www.business-english.com
  • STRUTT, P. Market Leader: Business English with the Financial Times: Grammar and Usage Practice Book. Harlow, England: Longman, 2000.
  • DUCKWORTH, M. Oxford Business English Grammar and Practice. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press, 1995.
Vyučovací metody

Dialogická (diskuze, rozhovor, brainstorming)

Hodnotící metody

Rozhovor, Seminární práce

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