Code Name WS SS
ACS Academic Skills
KACS Academic Skills
BUC Business Correspondence
KBUC Business Correspondence
BECP1 Business English 1
CBEP1 Business English 1
YBUEN Business English 2
BECP2 Business English 2
CBEP2 Business English 2
CAEC1 CAE and English Conversation C1
YCAE Certificate in Advanced English
CTC Czech - Tool of Culture
CAJ1 English 1
KAJ1 English 1
OAJ1 English 1
AJ1 English 1
CAJ2 English 2
KAJ2 English 2
OAJ2 English 2
AJ2 English 2
PETB1 English Conversation B1
ECB2 English Conversation B2
AJD English Language
AJA21 English Language A2 - 1
AJA22 English Language A2 - 2
EAMI English for Applied Math and Informatics
KEAMI English for Applied Math and Informatics
KECM English for Commercial Management
ECM English for Commercial Management
CECM1 English for Commercial Management 1
ECM1 English for Commercial Management 1
ECM2 English for Commercial Management 2
CECM2 English for Commercial Management 2
KEEU English for European Union
EEU English for European Union
YENIT English for IT in Business
ENITB English for IT in Business
YETT English for Travel and Tourism
AJPR English presentation
AJP English presentation
KAJP English presentation
OAJP English presentation
ETT1 Enlglish for Tourism and Trade
ETEN Entrance Test in English
VTEFA Entrance Test in English
FCEB2 FCE and English Conservation B2
FW1 Fachsprache Wirtschaft 1
KFW1 Fachsprache Wirtschaft 1
FW2 Fachsprache Wirtschaft 2
KFW2 Fachsprache Wirtschaft 2
YFCE First Certificate in English
FR French
KFJ2 French Language 2
FJ2 French Language 2
CFJ2 French Language 2
CFJ4 French Language 4
FJ4 French Language 4
FJA12 French Language A1 - 2
KFJ1 French Langugage 1
CFJ1 French Langugage 1
FJ1 French Langugage 1
CFJ3 French Langugage 3
FJ3 French Langugage 3
FJA11 French Langugage A1 - 1
GR German
KNJ1 German Language 1
NJ1 German Language 1
CNJ1 German Language 1
KNJ2 German Language 2
NJ2 German Language 2
CNJ2 German Language 2
NJA11 German Language A1 - 1
NJA12 German Language A1 - 2
NJZD German Language NJZD
CNJZ1 German Language NJZD1
NJZD1 German Language NJZD1
CNJZ2 German Language ZD2
NJZD2 German Language ZD2
ITJ1 Italian Language 1
ITJ2 Italian Language 2
KNZ1 Německý jazyk Z1
KRJCO Ruský jazyk pro cestovní ruch a obchod
RJCO Ruský jazyk pro cestovní ruch a obchod
KRJOS Russian Language - Professional Course
RJOS Russian Language - Professional Course
KRJ1 Russian Language 1
CRJ1 Russian Language 1
KRJ2 Russian Language 2
CRJ2 Russian Language 2
RJ2 Russian Language 2
CRJ3 Russian Language 3
CRJ4 Russian Language 4
RJA11 Russian Language A1 - 1
RJA12 Russian Language A1 - 2
RJ1 Russian language 1
RJ3 Russian language 3
RJ4 Russian language 4
CSJ2 Spanish Language 2
SJ2 Spanish Language 2
KSJ2 Spanish Language 2
SJA12 Spanish Language A1 - 2
KSJ1 Spanish Langugage 1
SJ1 Spanish Langugage 1
CSJ1 Spanish Langugage 1
SJA11 Spanish Langugage A1 - 1