Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

 The department, which numbers 15 members of the academic staff, can be divided into four units according to the teaching areas:

  •     Unit of Mathematics,
  •     Unit of Statistics,
  •     Unit of Operation Research,
  •     Unit of Informatics.

The department is an important part of the Faculty of Economics as it administrates many obligatory courses of mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics and informatics. The department is responsible for more than 30 courses not only at the Faculty of Economics but also at other faculties of the University of South Bohemia. Some of the courses are lectured both in the Czech and English language. The members of the department co-operate with academic staff of other universities in the Czech Republic and from abroad.

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics is responsible for the following study fields:

  • Bachelor's Degree
    • Economic Informatics
    • Financial and Insurance Mathematics
  • Master's Degree
    • Economic Informatics

Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Faculty of Economics
University of South Bohemia
Studentská 13
37005 České Budějovice
Czech Republic
phone: +420 389 032 459