Code Name WS SS
DUCOA Accountancy
DUCO Accounting
UA Accounting Auditing
KUA Accounting Auditing
YUCO Accounting of Trade
UO Accounting of Trade
KUCO Accounting of Trade
UCO Accounting of Trade
SPSU Advanced Course of Accounting
KSSU1 Advanced Course of Accounting
KSSU Advanced Course of Accounting
SSU1 Advanced Course of Accounting
B1 Bachelor´s Diploma Thesis 1
BP1 Bachelor´s Diploma Thesis 1
B2 Bachelor´s Diploma Thesis 2
BP2 Bachelor´s Diploma Thesis 2
QBANK Banking
YBANK Banking
BANK Banking
KUPC Bookkeeping on PC
UPC Bookkeeping on PC
SZUCP Corporate Accounting
QFINP Corporate Finance
BZPF Corporate Finance
FINP Corporate Finance
SZFRP Corporate Finance
BZPFN Corporate Finance
OFINP Corporate Finance
KFP1 Corporate Finance I
KFNP1 Corporate Finance I
FINP1 Corporate Finance I
CFP1 Corporate Finance I
FNP1 Corporate Finance I
FP1 Corporate Finance I
KFP2 Corporate Finance II
KFNP2 Corporate Finance II
FNP2 Corporate Finance II
SZFR Corporate Financial Management
BZFIN Finance
FUC Financial Accounting
OFUCN Financial Accounting
KFUCN Financial Accounting
FUCN Financial Accounting
IRKP Financial Accounting
FUCD Financial Accounting
CFUC Financial Accounting
FUC1 Financial Accounting I
QFUC1 Financial Accounting I
KFUC2 Financial Accounting II
FAN Financial Analysis
FA Financial Analysis
CFAN Financial Analysis
YFA Financial Analysis
KFA Financial Analysis
FINAP Financial Analysis and Planning
KFNAP Financial Analysis and Planning
FAP Financial Analysis and Planning
SZFRR Financial Business Management
BZFIT Financial Institutions and Markets
DFRPA Financial Management of Enterprise
FTR Financial Markets
FT Financial Markets
KFT Financial Markets
KUZA Financial Statements
CUZA Financial Statements
UZA Financial Statements
FSFI Financial System and Institutions
FSI Financial System and Institutions
CFSI Financial System and Institutions
YFSFI Financial System and Institutions
KFSFI Financial System and Institutions
DFRP Finanční řízení podniku
MSVU1 Int. Financial Reporting Standards 1
IFS1 Int. Financial Reporting Standards 1
IFRS1 Int. Financial Reporting Standards 1
KIFR1 Int. Financial Reporting Standards 1
IFRS2 Int. Financial Reporting Standards 2
KIFR2 Int. Financial Reporting Standards 2
YPSUO Int. Transfers and Credit Operations
YFUC2 International Fin. Reporting Standards
YMFIN International Finance
MFIN International Finance
MFN International Finance
OMFIN International Finance
KMFIN International Finance
FUS Local Government Finance
KFUS Local Government Finance
CFUS Local Government Finance
KMAU Managerial Accounting
OMAU Managerial Accounting
CMAU Managerial Accounting
MAU Managerial Accounting
KMAUC Managerial Accounting
MAUC Managerial Accounting
MAUCD Managerial Accounting
YMAU Managerial Accounting
MAU2 Managerial Accounting II
KMAU2 Managerial Accounting II
MAUC2 Managerial Accounting II
DT Master´s Diploma Thesis
BT1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DIP1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DPN1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DT1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DP1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DIP2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
BT2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
DPN2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
DP2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
DT2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
D2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
CUCNO Non-profit Organization Accounting
KUCNO Non-profit Organization Accounting
UCNO Non-profit Organization Accounting
PSUO Payment System and Credit Operations
KPSUN Payment System and Credit Operations
PSUON Payment System and Credit Operations
PSAP Practices in Bookkeeping in SAP
KPRUC Practices in Bookkeeping with PC
CPRUC Practices in Bookkeeping with PC
PRUC Practices in Bookkeeping with PC
KPUC Practices in Bookkeeping with PC
KPRAD Practices in Taxation
PRDA Practices in Taxation
PRAD Practices in Taxation
OZUC Principles of Accounting
QZUC Principles of Accounting
ZU Principles of Accounting
CZU Principles of Accounting
ZUC Principles of Accounting
YZUC Principles of Accounting
VFINC Public Finance
VFIND Public Finance
KVFNC Public Finance
VFIN Public Finance
KVFIN Public Finance
CVFIN Public Finance
YPF Public Finance
VFN2A Public Finance 2
VFN2 Public Finance 2
KVFN2 Public Finance II
VFIN2 Public Finance II
DMVP Research Work Methodology
BZFEF SFE Corporate Finance
BZFN SZZ Finance - finanční Risk Manažer
BZFEK SZZ Finance podniku
SZFTM SZZ Finanční trhy a mezinárodní finance
SZUP SZZ Účetnictví podniku
CCP Securities
KCP Securities
CP Securities
YCP Securities
KOCP Securities Trading
OCP Securities Trading
SSFU Special seminar to financial accounting
KSSFU Special seminar to financial accounting
CSSFU Special seminar to financial accounting
BZUCM State Final Exam Accounting
BZUCT State Final Exam Accounting
SZUC State Final Exam Business Accounting
SZFT State Final Exam Finance
CDS Tax System
DS Tax System
QDS Tax System
DS2 Tax System 2
CDS2 Tax System 2
DS1 Tax System I
KDS1 Tax System I
CDS1 Tax System I
KDS2 Tax System II
BZZD Taxation System