Department of Accounting and Finances

The Department of Accounting and Finance guaranties the bachelor and master study programme Accounting and Financial Management. The department courses cover the following fields of Economics and Finance:

  • Corporate finance, financial management, financial analysis and investment decision making;
  • Financial markets and financial institutions, banking, securities, international finance;
  • Public finance and local government finance;
  • Tax system.
  •  Accounting, financial and managerial accounting, financial auditing, International financial accounting and reporting standards.


Research topics at the Department of Accounting and Finance

(Updated on 1st April 2015)

 Corporate finance, Accounting and Auditing

  • Financial and economic analysis of enterprises, prediction of financial stress, use classifications methods in financial analysis (JEL Classification: G3).
  • Accounting statements´ information quality, creative accounting and accounting fraud within Czech Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards, accounting auditing, the use of accounting for managerial purposes (JEL Classification: M4).
  • Economic and financial analysis of agricultural enterprises, ex-ante and ex-post impact of agricultural policy to enterprises (JEL Classification: M21, Q12, Q14).

 Financial system, public finance and tax system

  • Local government finance, fiscal decentralization, fiscal sustainability and fiscal institutions (JEL Classification: E62, H6, H7).
  • Tax system, the burden of consumption taxation (JEL Classification: H24, H25).
  • Measurement and analysis of poverty, micro-financial institutions, financial literacy (JEL Classification: I32, G14).
  • Information and financial market efficiency, international financial markets (JEL Classification: G14, G15).