Code Name WS SS
EZ Agriculture Economics
KEZ Agriculture Economics
B1 Bachelor´s Diploma Thesis 1
BP1 Bachelor´s Diploma Thesis 1
B2 Bachelor´s Diploma Thesis 2
BP2 Bachelor´s Diploma Thesis 2
ZE Basic of Economics
QZE Basic of Economics
OEP1 Business Economics
BZEP2 Business Economics
QEP1 Business Economics
BZPE Business Economics
EP1 Business Economics
QBZPE Business Economics
BZPOE Business Economics
KUR Comapariosn of regional indicators
KKUR Comapariosn of regional indicators
OPM Company and Property Valuation
KOPM Company and Property Valuation
IPVO Develop. Issues and Innov. Approaches
KIPVO Develop. Issues and Innov. Approaches
EA Economic Analysis
QEA Economic Analysis
KHP Economic Policy
HP Economic Policy
BZHPE Economic Policy and Economy
KHSS Economic and Social Statistics
HSS Economic and Social Statistics
OHSS Economic and Social Statistics
DECOA Economics
SZE Economics
EC Economics
EKO Economics
BZE Economics
BZEK Economics
SZEK Economics
DEKO Economy
KF3 Firm III
HVZ Hodnocení veřejných zakázek
KHVZ Hodnocení veřejných zakázek
PI Investment Project Planning
KPI Investment Project Planning
PRI Investment Projecting
TP Labour Market
KTP Labour Market
MAEA Macroeconomics A
KMAE1 Macroeconomics I
YMAE1 Macroeconomics I
MAE1 Macroeconomics I
KMAE2 Macroeconomics II
YMAE2 Macroeconomics II
MAE2 Macroeconomics II
MAE2N Macroeconomics II
OMAE2 Macroeconomics II
KMA2N Macroeconomis II
MANEK Managerial Economics
KMAEK Managerial Economics
OMANE Managerial Economics
DT Master´s Diploma Thesis
BT1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DIP1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DT1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
DP1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
D1 Master´s Diploma Thesis 1
BT2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
DIP2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
DT2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
DPN2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
DP2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
D2 Master´s Diploma Thesis 2
DPN1 Master´s DiplomaThesis 1
MIE Microeconomics
KMIE1 Microeconomics I
YMIE1 Microeconomics I
MIE1 Microeconomics I
OMIE2 Microeconomics II
KMI2N Microeconomics II
KMIE2 Microeconomics II
MIE2N Microeconomics II
YMIE2 Microeconomics II
MIE2 Microeconomics II
ON Real Estate Valuation
KON Real Estate Valuation
QBZEA SFE Agrosystem Economics
SZOEK SFE Economics
BZEAS SZZ Ekonomika agrosystému
SZMEK State Final Exam Managerial Economics
POJ System of Insurance
KPOJ System of Insurance
QMZDS Systems of Wages
MZDS Systems of Wages
OMZDS Systems of Wages